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Elvis Fun Facts 1


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Certified Gold and Platinum records in the USA alone, based on current sales and standards of half a million for gold and one million for platinum are as follows......

*32 Gold albums
*32 Platinum albums
*24 Gold singles
*27 Platinum singles
* 6 Gold EP singles
*10 Platinum EP singles

Elvis' Chart Career
*149 songs in the Billboard Hot 100
*18 songs made #1 in the Billboard Top 100
* 9 albums made #1 in the Billboard Top 100 album chart

He has recieved
*14 Grammy nominations from the National Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS)
*3 Grammy awards
*4 recordings in the NARAS Hall of Fame

Major roles on screen
*31 features in a movie as an actor
*2 Concert documentary movies made during his lifetime
*11 movie soundtrack albums, which made the top 10 of the Billboard Top 100 album chart
*Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii, seen in 40 countries by 1-1.5 billion people, and in more American homes that man's first steps on the moon!

Elvis was a great humanitarian. Some of his contributions include:
*raised over $65,000 towards the building of the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor with a benefit concert in Hawaii
*raised $75,000 for the Kui lee Cancer Fund in Hawaii from sales of audience tickets for rehearsals from the Aloha from Hawaii Special
*For many years, Elvis gave $1,000 dollars annually to each of 50 Memphis charities

Elvis home Graceland attracts over 600,000 visitors a year and is the most famous American home after the White House!

Fun Facts.....

Elvis' voice range was over 8 octaves!

He was the first perfomer ever to perform via satelite!

He was a Capricorn

His religion was Christian - Assembly of God

His comic book hero was Captain Marvel

His favorite drink was Pepsi

His favorite toothpaste was Colgate

His favorite actors were James Dean, Marlon Brando and George C. Scott

His favorite games were Monopoly, Scrabble and Yahtzee

The name Elvis used as an alias was Jon Burrows

His favorite aftershave was Brut.

His favorite animal was a tiger

His favorite flower was Jasmine

His favorite gemstone was a diamond

His favorite magazine was MAD

His favorite Pie was lemon meringue

Out of all the movies he did his favorite was King Creole. (My favorite as well!)

When he was a truck driver he earned $1.25 an hour

More Elvis Fun Facts to Come!!!!